Foto de: Daimler AG. The AMG logo replaces the star pattern. The VIN or access code has an invalid format. A number of restrictions to Power Unit development were introduced last year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this has been the first winter period for HPP working with the reduction in dyno hours alongside the singular performance specification for the hardware. Working alongside our title partner PETRONAS, the first step in the direction of sustainable fuel is the introduction of the E10 fuel for 2022, but all the Power Unit manufacturers and fuel manufacturers are also looking further down the line to a 100 percent sustainable fuel. A place to discuss the characteristics of the cars in Formula One, both current as well as historical. “We will try to ensure that we protect the rate at which we learn how to make the car go faster, but the cost cap will inevitably change the intervals between updates,” James added. Mercedes-AMG ha presentado su coche de Fórmula 1 2021 que Lewis Hamilton utilizará para postularse para un octavo campeonato mundial récord. Mercedes have revealed a first look at the W12 car which Lewis Hamilton will bid to win a record-breaking eighth Formula 1 world championship with this year. While the world around us and the environment we are working in are constantly changing, we enjoy stability in the team’s driver line-up for the 2021 season with Lewis and Valtteri entering their fifth season as team-mates. Laptimes, driver worshipping and team chatter does not belong here. This Formula One–related article is a stub. Projects such as the partnership with the Mulberry Schools Trust, the development of the Accelerate 25 programme for the team and a new foundation that we will jointly create with Lewis mark the very start of this journey. “The tyre is a little slower, owing to the trade-off for more durability, but it is consistent and should give us trouble-free racing,” James said. Mercedes AMG F1 W12. The factories have been a hive of activity over the winter, as team members searched for new solutions, opportunities and improvements in their hunt for performance. For technical reasons we are currently not able to finish your registration, please try again later or contact our support. Mercedes staying silent on F1 token spend for W12 car Mercedes revealed in February that it was battling some "issues" with its updated engine, but was confident of getting fixes in … Mercedes, F1) F1; Marcin Borowiak; 13 marca; Mercedes niezadowolony z zachowania W12 na testach . We are going to validate your VIN manually. Last season, we raced with a black base livery as a public pledge for greater diversity and inclusion within both the team and our sport. Please provide a valid email address or leave this field empty. The W12 has several changes in aerodynamics, suspension, cooling system, and Power Unit. © 2021 Mercedes-AMG GmbH. So many things can happen and it’s very natural to get used to success, and therefore not fight as hard for it. Please find additional media assets attached, including technical specifications of our new car and Q&As with Toto Wolff, Hywel Thomas and James Allison. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, "Mark Hughes: How F1 rule changes have hurt low-rake Mercedes", "Why F1's 2021 rules hurt low rake Mercedes more", "Video: Have F1's new rules hurt Mercedes' low-rake car? It’s a really intriguing challenge that we’re facing.”. From a technical perspective, the cost cap regulations require us to manage resources more judiciously through the year and make sure we spend every single dollar of cost cap money as effectively as possible. “What’s carried over will look different from team to team, because the rules didn’t require you to carry over the same things,” explained James Allison. All media assets provided throughout the day will be rights-free for editorial use. Abweichungen zwischen den Angaben und den amtlichen Werten sind möglich. “The fact that we were able to attract INEOS as an investor shows that we have a strong business case and that F1 continues to be a highly attractive platform for big brands and companies,” said Toto. “As we’ve seen in past seasons, it’s a line-up that works well for us, with two incredibly strong drivers who also have a very professional working relationship together. Related Videos. The black base livery remains for the 2021 season as a sign of the team’s continued commitment to becoming more diverse and inclusive as a company. Toto Wolff: “Our scepticism and hunger drive us and get us fired up for every new season – because the scoreboard goes to zero and there’s always more performance to be found. 506 posts “But Formula One is never that simple. [1][2][3][4] The car is driven by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. The black base livery remains for a second season, to underline the team’s commitment to improving diversity and inclusion within the team and our sport, with elements of the traditional racing silver incorporated alongside increased visibility for Mercedes-AMG. With the specific permission of the FIA, you can make changes for reliability or cost saving, but if part of your car isn’t performing well, then you are stuck with it for the whole season.”. And with just days away from the much-awaited event, the Silver Arrows potentially gave away the outline of the W12’s livery. Your chosen username is already in use. “We identified three main areas to work on: first, we’ve continued the development of the technology in the Power Unit. Once the rules had been established, our task was to figure out how to recover the losses brought by the changes.”. This was the start of a long journey and we’ve made some important initial steps in recent months, with much more still to come over the course of this season and beyond. That’s a continuous process, and we feel like we’ve been able to take a step forward on that front again this year. Any time a tyre changes, it is always a learning race between the teams to find its sweet spot - where the new rubber gives its best performance.”. We also have a strong Reserve Driver line-up for the 2021 season, with Stoffel Vandoorne continuing in the role alongside his Mercedes team-mate in Formula E, Nyck de Vries. Mercedes has finally revealed the floor design on its W12 Formula 1 … So, our ability to find ‘the winners’, the ideas that have the potential to give us an advantage, and back them with the correct amount of resource to develop and deploy them, is going to be key this year.”. Pirelli is introducing a new, more durable tyre this season, which teams trialled last year in Portimão, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. The Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance is a Formula One racing car designed and constructed by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team under the direction of James Allison, John Owen, Mike Elliott, Loïc Serra, Ashley Way and Jarrod Murphy to compete in the 2021 Formula One World Championship. Since the birth of Formula 1, engineers have been dreaming of bringing the supreme technology to the streets. “We need to take more engines to winter testing, we need to take more engines to the first race, but we don’t want to freeze our designs any earlier because of that. Stewart Mitchell. None of the teams have had a lot of experience with it and with only three days of pre-season testing this year, every lap on track will count to get up to speed with these new tyres. It will also show up on all forthcoming Mercedes-AMG performance hybrid cars. “Our other aerodynamic work has been the normal fare of seeking out aerodynamic opportunity across every square centimetre of the car with particular attention to finding places where we can invest extra weight into fancier aerodynamic geometry,” James added. El nombre ahora incluye la nueva etiqueta E Performance que Mercedes-AMG utilizará para todos sus modelos híbridos […] Sealing up the slots in the floor around the bargeboards. So that puts some additional strain on the internal and external supply chains and the build and test team, to be able to develop the design for as long as possible. The significant aerodynamic changes to the floor and adapting to the carryover rules have kept the team busy, but there are opportunities for improvement in many areas of the car, and our engineers have been working tirelessly to find an edge. I’ve always said that this team is like a family to me, and I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved together.”. There you can get in contact with other Mercedes-AMG owners, exchange personal experiences and participate in discussions. Not today. The team’s 2021 challenger is named Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance and is our first car to use the ‘E PERFORMANCE’ designation, signifying our closer alignment to the Mercedes-AMG performance division in the future. Renders of the W12 are available to download from or using the thumbnails below: “Every year we reset our focus and define the right objectives,” said Toto Wolff. The Mercedes W12 will enjoy its first extended on-track running at the start of pre-season testing in Bahrain, which takes place from 12-14 March. And we’ve also got some completely new innovations that will be in the racing PU for the first time. That has been a significant challenge for our designers, trying to claw back performance from these regulation changes. There goes our hopes for a Life F1 repeat! “Starting in 2022, F1 engines will be powered using E10 fuels – so fuels that contain 10 percent ethanol,” said Hywel. The W12 will complete its first laps on the opening day of pre-season testing in Bahrain, on Friday 12 March. “That may sound simple but it’s damn hard and is probably why there are no sports teams out there with seven consecutive titles. “We will walk a tightrope all year between doing enough to be competitive in 2021 and putting as much as we dare into 2022. hears a V6. Your Mercedes-AMG has been successfully added to your profile. Perhaps the biggest challenge for the team this season will be working under the new cost cap regulations. Both are hungry and fired-up to get back racing again soon and we’re all looking forward to seeing them drive our new car in anger for the first time in a few weeks.”. The biggest technical challenge on the 2021 F1 cars has been adapting to the new aerodynamic regulations, with the introduction of several significant changes to key performance areas on the car. “We have always tried to get the most out of every wind tunnel and CFD session, but there’s nothing like having a new constraint imposed to renew the spur to become more productive and efficient,” James said. There’s also been an increased production workload with McLaren joining the stable of customer teams, which has presented an exciting challenge over at Brixworth over the past few months. The VIN is 17 characters long and only upper case letters and numbers are valid. We are full steam ahead to optimise the PU for those significant new regulations. The cars are pretty similar to last year but there are some interesting aero changes that will have an impact on how the car handles and performs, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it feels on track in Bahrain.”, “I think the consistency we’ve had within this team over the years has been a real strength and advantage of ours,” said Toto, on the driver line-up for 2021. “We’re continuing to push forward with our sustainability projects in 2021, with the aim of cutting our CO2 footprint by 50 percent by 2022 compared to 2018,” Toto said.