On "Bridgerton," Queen Charlotte is portrayed by a Black actress, Golda Rosheuvel. There is a theory that Queen Charlotte was Black. Historians have long regarded Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz as England's first mixed-race royal.. Synopsis. All the latest news on the Netflix romance show Bridgerton, set in England during the Regency era. Netflix announced Monday that "Bridgerton" is the platform's fifth biggest original series to date and is projected to reach 63 million households in the four weeks following the premiere. Rate This. Before “Bridgerton,” I, like many, was unaware of Queen Charlotte. Was Queen Charlotte Black? So it seems entirely logical that “Bridgerton” features Black talent — including regulars on the London stage — as nobles and royalty. Fans and critics alike have praised the series for its on-screen diversity, specifically in casting Black actress Golda Rosheuvel as the Queen. The author who inspired Netflix's brand new eight-part series Bridgerton, Julia Quinn, says she is supportive of Netflix's decision to cast Queen Charlotte as a black woman, saying her racial identity has always been ambiguous. Bridgerton, Netflix’s first official show from Shondaland, has captured the world by storm, becoming a trending topic on Twitter in its debut weekend alone. Jared Alexander. La Chronique des Bridgerton (Bridgerton) est une série télévisée américaine créée par Chris Van Dusen (en), basée sur la série de livres du même titre de Julia Quinn, et diffusée depuis le 25 décembre 2020 sur Netflix. Queen Charlotte is a large part of the show, and she’s played by a black actress, which is more diverse than who these types of shows usually cast. It's one of the many things that might lead viewers into thinking the character isn't real, but Bridgerton 's Queen Charlotte is most definitely based on a real queen of the same name, who may have shared similar anatomical realities. amazing . Reply. Bridgerton: Queen Charlotte's 12 Royally Fabulous Wigs, ... Black queen rocking a jumbo afro and a bejeweled hair pick. Queen Charlotte, “Britain’s First Black Queen”? December 29, 2020 . To translate, Bridgerton exists in a fictional 19th century London society where, unlike today, Queen Charlotte's race was never up for debate. As are various characters on this model of Regency London. There were also many notable Black people in British Regency, including Queen Charlotte, who is fictionalized in 'Bridgerton'. Was Queen Charlotte Black or white? With everything the layperson knows about British royals from the time period, which we'll admit isn't very much, a Black queen seems a little out of place. ... As for Queen Charlotte’s portrayal in Bridgerton, played by Golda Rosheuvel, we’d argue that her interests went far beyond matchmaking. How ‘Bridgerton’ restarted buzz about her ancestry. Yes, Black royals existed long before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry—and Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III, was one of them. 0 . She is the subject of the 2013 film 'Belle' starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Felton, … Queen Charlotte was quite possibly a Black queen. Writer Defends New Netflix Drama Bridgerton for Depicting Queen Charlotte as Black this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Matthew Moore, Media Correspondent. The Regency London dramedy also features interracial couples. Netflix’s decision to cast Roshevel, an actress of Guyanan descent - as well as other Black actors - was 'very much a conscious choice, not a blind choice', Julia Quinn, the author of the Bridgerton book series which the series is based on, told The Times. “Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte was actually black” The casting choice for Queen Charlotte was questioned by the audience when they found out British actress Golda Rosheuvel was playing the role. Before ‘Bridgerton’, Queen Charlotte may have been Black. Wednesday December 23 2020, 12.01am, The Times. The fan favorite character is based in truth. But in Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte is resplendent in silks and towering wigs, and she is unmistakably Black. By Ebony L. Morman. London property: 5 Bridgerton-style houses you can actually stay in; But despite Portugal having control of a large part of sub-Saharan Africa, Valdes claims Queen Charlotte’s lineage lies with the black Moors, who came from what is now North Africa. In “Bridgerton,” the new Shonda Rhimes period drama on Netflix, the lords and ladies of early 19th-century Britain are depicted as Black as well as White. Writer of Bridgerton defends black Queen Charlotte . In the show, she is a Black woman who ascended the throne, resulting in a more accepting world filled with equal opportunity where it wasn't radical to see Black elite and middle class people: a duke, footman, lady's maid, or even a respected boxer. Golda Rosheuvel as Queen … Netflix’s new interval drama Bridgerton offers us a Queen Charlotte who’s petulant, imperious, humorous, bossy, gossipy, well-dressed, bewigged, keen on Pomeranians – oh, and she or he’s Black. Although Queen Charlotte’s exact lineage is still debated to this day, some historians believe that she was England’s first Black royal. Charlotte was a keen botanist, a patron of the arts (a young Mozart was often invited to the palace) and she founded numerous orphanages as well as a hospital for expectant mothers. Despite experts' reports that she descended from a Black branch of the Portuguese monarchy, her royal highness has previously been portrayed onscreen by white actresses, such as Janet Dale and Helen Mirren. Why? It follows eight close-knit siblings as they try to find love. Bridgerton and the royal mystery over whether Queen Charlotte was black As Netflix’s hit new costume drama raises questions over the royal’s lineage, Hannah Betts examines the reality 0 . Others include Dido Elizabeth Belle, the grand-niece of Lord Mansfield, who was the daughter of Sir John Lindsay, a Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy and an enslaved Jamaican woman. Produite par Shonda Rhimes, la série se déroule dans la haute société londonienne lors de la Régence anglaise.