Up and down, rider hoppe hoppe Reiter und aus der Erde singt das Kind Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Spieluhr di Rammstein. und kein Engel steigt herab eine Melodie im Wind Als Grabbeilage erhält der Knabe eine Spieluhr. woke the child very gently. I love how they turned around the really very negative and threatening tenor of the tale and turned it into something positive. and the child sings on the ground Feuer frei für besten deutschen Rock. გამოვიდა 2001 წლის 2 აპრილს ლეიბლზე Motor Music. As the frost flew into the child So a group (presumably the townspeople) buried the child with a music box in its hands in a graveyard (referred to as Gottes acker, or God's field) without ceremony. Kalenderwoche des Jahres 2001 auf Platz eins in die deutsche Hitparade ein und hielt sich dort für vier Wochen, bevor es auf Position zwei fiel. only the rain cries on the grave my heart does not beat anymore To the English ear it not only sounds more archaic (it is), but the emphasis is clearly meant to be on the Earth, not the child. my heart does not beat anymore Spieluhr: Dieses Lied handelt von einem kleinen Jungen, der, scheintot, irrtümlich begraben wird. und kein Engel steigt herab Up and down, rider [2] : Sleepy Hollow. Als der Frost ins Kind geflogen mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter xept the death is there only happyend, The song is most probably based on a German fairy tale called Das Eigensinnige Kind (the wayward child) about a child that speaks back to its mother and therefor God makes the child so sick that it dies. In case if anyone wondered the "Hoppe hoppe Reiter" phrase, repeated often in "Spieluhr" (music box) came from a popular German nursery rhyme and Totensonntag ("Dead Sunday") is a Sunday in November when German Protestants remember the dead. und auf der Erde singt das Kind var opts = { JA, NEIN, RAMMSTEIN! this melody from god's field [4] mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter the small heart is awakened Till gives the tale a different twist though. Several parts of this translation lack the poetry of the German original (a necessary sacrifice in most translations, but pertinent here because Lindemann is actually a published poet). ist das kleine Herz erwacht Mutter stieg in der 16. "Spieluhr" ist auf alle Fälle eins der besten Lieder der Band. Ihr wollt das Bett in Flammen sehn? (function() { da haben sie es ausgebettet In fact, the German original reads "and from the Earth sings the child." und kein Engel steigt herab and no angel climbs down If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. This is possibly the best RAMMSTEIN song of those few which do not have a deeper meaning. It's the sensibility of hearing a faint melody emanate from beneath the soil. eine Melodie im Wind Dann ist hier der Stream, der euer Herz höher schlagen lässt. }; Der erste Schnee das Grab bedeckt Der kalte Mond in voller Pracht Song meanings ©2003-2021 lyricinterpretations.com. and the child sings from the ground Hoppe hoppe Reiter You're signed out. Zwischen harten Eichendielen Song by Rammstein from the album Mutter; GEMA database ID: 5236888-001: ISWC: T-800.574.985-0: Working title(s): Letzter Kuss: Recorded: 2000 Studio Miraval, Correns : Producer: Jacob Hellner: Mixed: Stefan Glaumann Toytown Studios, Stockholm : Mastered: Howie Weinberg Masterdisk, New York City : Released: 2 April 2001: Length: 04:54: Time signature: 4/4: Tempo: 51: Key: D minor a melody in the wind es wird verscharrt in nassem Sand Rammstein Spieluhr lyric with English translation. Apart from the phonetic play which is impossible to reproduce in translation, what's lost is--again--the order of emphasis. Hoppe hoppe Reiter The band however found this to be too dark, and had Till write the child's survival into the lyrics. You're signed out. It was released on April 2, 2001. Special features of the track are the pinging of a music box, and the faint thump of a heart, which begins when Till sings "...saved the small heart.". wird es mit der Spieluhr spielen Rammstein started recording Sehnsucht in November 1996 at the Temple Studios in Malta. it will play with the music box they saved the small heart in the child Esta cancion es simplemente lo mejor, cada frase va entrelazada con cada nota haciendote sentir realmente como lo desea Rammstein, es una de mis canciones favoritas, atrapa tu alama y la deja sentir ! It's a very short tale. in einer kalten Winternacht “Spieluhr” è una canzone di Rammstein. rammstein stirb nicht vor mir bedeutung. Which is why I refuse to believe they just copied some old fairy tale. I agree with you both on the meaning so that would be my interpretation as well. THANK YOU RAMMSTEIN FOR MAKING THIS SONG! and the child sings from the ground my heart does not beat anymore my heart does not beat anymore adunit_id: 100001411, so they declared it dead. There are psychological analysis of the tale, which go deeper into it (http://www.psychiatrie-erfahrene.de/eigensinn/eigensinn.htm). Rammstein Waidmanns Heil lyric with English translation Ich bin in Hitze schon seit Tagen So werd ich mir ein Kahlwild jagen Und bis zum Morgen sitz' ich an Damit ich Blattschuss geben kann Auf dem Lande, auf dem Meer, lauert das Verderben Die Kreatur muss sterben! Spieluhr (Music Box) is the seventh track of the album Mutter. The song entails a young child who pretended to be dead, because it wanted to be alone. Cancel. Alle Songs der deutschen Industrial-Rock Giganten um Lindemann & Co. sowie ihrer Projekte – Nonstop! The story Rammstein painted is surprising since they ended it happy, but I feel they thought about letting the girl die from nobody being there to help. Um diesem hohen Ziel gerecht zu werden, kommen bei SPORTEFFEKT modernste diagnostische Verfahren, hocheffektive Trainingsmethoden und individualisierte Trainingspläne zum Einsatz. und aus der Erde singt das Kind a melody in the wind I am German and think you are right. Do you think there's some hidden meaning? The album was again produced by Jacob Hellner. The song entails a young child who pretended to be dead, because it wanted to be alone. No Replies Log in to reply +2. eine Melodie im Wind and no angel climbs down The lyrics recall a German children's song with the lyric Hoppe, hoppe Reiter (slang for up and down, as riding a horse). Hoppe hoppe Reiter It's just a tale. in a cold winter night To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Mutter is the third album by Rammstein. Mutter Lyrics: Die Tränen greiser Kinderschar / Ich zieh sie auf ein weißes Haar / Werf in die Luft die nasse Kette / Und wünsch mir, dass ich eine Mutter hätte / Keine Sonne die mir scheint Wonder what her singing sounds like now that she's 20. it is being buried in wet sand [1] nur der Regen weint am Grab and no angel climbs down so they decided it was dead it woke the child very softly Rammstein Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. (it) wanted to be completely alone. Insgesamt hielt sich das Album 82 Wochen in den Charts. Singles from Mutter SonneReleased: February 12, 2001 Links 2-3-4Released: May 14, 2001 Ich willReleased: September 10, 2001 MutterReleased: March 25, 2002 Feuer frei!Released: October … On Totensonntag they heard [3] Der Name ist unsere Mission: Sport mit Effekt. Spieluhr Lyrics. Sometimes people who go through some tough times are unheard, we need help but we don’t show it or people don’t notice. Since forming in 1994, the six East Berliners have headlined the world’s major festivals and stadiums, selling millions of albums, and topping charts worldwide. up and down, rider nur der Regen weint am Grab And guess what: It does have a Happy End!! I think the song is about the fall of the Berlin wall, after all Rammstein is an East German band, The counting could be them waiting for such an event to happen, Plus the video shows them as dwarves which could be citizens of a communist country and then Snow White would represent the government, It even show Snow White dying from an over dose which would represent the government taking to … and no angel climbs down a melody in the wind nur der Regen weint am Grab And time passes and we call again and again, and sometimes you get that one person who notices the pain and situation you’re stuck in and will help you just in time. hat ganz sanft das Kind geweckt The cold moon, in full magnificence Rammstein is probably the most unique band when it comes to song lyrics and deep meanings. it hears the cries in the night SUBSCRIBE. A decidedly depressing song, this song is about a little child who wants to be all alone, so it plays dead. Rammstein - Spieluhr (Music Box) რამშტაინის მესამე სტუდიური ალბომი. })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Knowing rammstein, they have more reasons and deep messages in their songs than just write a fairytale from a book. Between hard oak boards Till explained: "It's the basic fear people have, to be buried alive. up and down, rider SUBSCRIBED. eine Melodie im Wind Hoppe hoppe Reiter Februar 2021. aus Gottes Acker diese Melodie artist: "Rammstein", :). hoppe hoppe Reiter document.write('
');var c=function(){cf.showAsyncAd(opts)};if(typeof window.cf !== 'undefined')c();else{cf_async=!0;var r=document.createElement("script"),s=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.async=!0;r.src="//srv.clickfuse.com/showads/showad.js";r.readyState?r.onreadystatechange=function(){if("loaded"==r.readyState||"complete"==r.readyState)r.onreadystatechange=null,c()}:r.onload=c;s.parentNode.insertBefore(r,s)}; Auf der Scheibe findet sich ein gelungener melodischer Sound, kombiniert mit genialen Texten. A small person just pretends to die. Rammstein Official. Für mehr als 600.000 verkaufte Exemplare wurde das Album in Deutschland mit Doppel-Platin ausgezeichnet.. so hat man es für tot befunden with a music box in its hand mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter Rammstein are one of rock’s most individual and successful names, a multiple award-winning outfit with a vision that continues to evolve. About “Spieluhr” Das siebte Stück auf Rammsteins dritten Studioalbum Mutter dreht sich inhaltlich um ein scheintotes Kind, welches irrtümlich beigesetzt wird. eine Melodie im Wind only the rain cries on the grave. und kein Engel steigt herab then they unearthed it The tale was meant to teach children not to be unruly - educational goal at the time when the tale was written down was to break the will of children. In the first version of the lyrics, the child did not survive. Als er wieder erwacht, zieht er diese auf, so dass eine Melodie erklingt. Music Box. In Spieluhr the child regains power over its own life, its will is not broken, instead it makes its own rules and lives by it - keyword here is it lives. Like the little girl, she tried to avoide people by playing dead. After some time when she’s ready to face the world again, she calls for help, but no response. To me, this song represents those who struggle with too much baggage and isolate themselves to be able to pull themselves together and think. It's the day when Protestant Christians remember their dead), the townspeople hear the child's song, and come to its rescue, unearthing it and "saving the small heart. The "spieluhr" (=timer in this case) underlines the caracter of a ticking bomb, according to the things mentioned before. my heart does not beat anymore mit einer Spieluhr in der Hand https://rammstein.fandom.com/wiki/Spieluhr_(song)?oldid=3001. (1999) Si te gusta mi contenido, entonces deberías suscribirte y dejarme tu opinión. 15. my heart does not beat anymore up and down, rider I think Till wrote about a child who was believed dead because of catalepsy and buried alive, but thanks to the carillon someone noticed and dug him up. und aus der Erde singt das Kind "Ich will", the third single from the album, was released on 10 September 2001 and a Tour edition of the Mutter album (the cover of which is red)[9] was released, featuring altern I agree with you both on the meaning so that would be my interpretation as well. song: "Spieluhr", The band called the child in this song Gregor. The song features a Xylophone which can be heard during the intro and outro of the song. with a music box in its hand. Spieluhr (Music Box) is the seventh track of the album Mutter. ", The chorus features a duet between Till Lindemann and Khira Li Lindemann, the daughter of Richard Kruspe. das kleine Herz stand still für Stunden and the child sings from the ground Am Totensonntag hörten sie hat es die Spieluhr aufgezogen only the rain cries on the grave The child awakes, winds the music box, and sings with it from the ground, telling only that its heart beats no longer. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. the small heart stood still for hours the small heart stood still for hours. sry for my bad english, i hope you understood, what i wanted to tell you. my heart does not beat anymore it is buried in wet sand. mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter Ein kleiner Mensch stirbt nur zum Schein The other one would be the phonetic play of "wird es mit der Spieluhr spielen" ("it will with the music-box play" is a more accurate translation, rather than the given "it will play with the music box"). While celebrating the holiday of Totensonntag (Sunday of the dead, a holiday taking place on the last Sunday before Advent in November. Abgesehen von der Musik sind es gerade die teilweise tiefsinnigen Texte der Grund, wieso ich Rammstein-Fan bin. a melody in the wind das kleine Herz im Kind gerettet nur der Regen weint am Grab, A small human only pretends to die General CommentTHIS SONG IS MY LIFE! hoppe hoppe Reiter mein Herz schlägt nicht mehr weiter Her reason would be to get away, because she wants to be alone.

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