Lady Danbury blocks the dance floor with her cane and sends everyone home and Daphne tells Simon she found his letters to his father. To get the best out of Bridgerton my advice would be to watch it as a loveable pantomime rather than a serious historical drama. While Pen wants to reveal her true feelings for him, Colin instead turns around and tells her he’s leaving town. 73m. Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family. Season 1 of Bridgerton is brand new to Netflix, based on the book “The Duke and I”, part of the Bridgerton book series; written by Julia Quinn. Bit late to the party but have just finished this highly entertaining series. Website. So, all of this is starting him down that path of finding his own way. Anthony gets so wrapped up in his post-coital bliss that he invites Siena to be his date at the Hastings ball. Sa Hastings Ball dahil sa pagsisimula sa katapusan ng linggo, ang episode 8 ng Bridgerton ay nagsisimula kay Simon na may balak na umalis. The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers for all of Bridgerton Season 1. Instead, it’s a relatively enjoyable and mediocre period offering with some of the best costume design of the year. BRIDGERTON Season 1 Episode 8. The boxing match is also significant because Simon chastises Will for taking a dive and Will tells Simon to focus on his own life and marriage. Marina suddenly experiences sharp pains in her stomach and is rushed to see a doctor. Marina is beside herself with grief and tells Daphne that she was wrong for doubting him. Violet rebuffs Portia but Daphne is more merciful and agrees to forgive the Featheringtons so they can attend. Episode 8 – | Review Score – 3/5. Read at your own risk and make sure to check out my Episode 1 and Episode 2 reviews! A shame for sure but Bridgerton is not one to remember. Did he just go happily into the night after winning all that money? As expected, the ending of Bridgerton Season 1 comes with drama, heartbreak, tearful moments and happy endings — “After the Rain” also leaves a few plot points that can be extended into a second instalment if Netflix wishes to commission it. And what of Will too? No spoilers, but Benedict’s future relationship is one that society would not approve of. That’s when Marina, who is still pregnant after all, decides to marry Phillip and get the heck away from her struggling cousins. She’s the third oldest Bridgerton sister that the writers presumably shipped off so that we could better focus on Daphne and Eloise. but Eloise doesn’t see her face. 61m. Unfortunately she decides against this and tells Anthony he’s lost. It’s all very orchestrated and fairytale-esque; a jarring juxtaposition with the show’s themes of how love and marriage don’t always go hand in hand. The eight-episode first season was met with positive reviews. It turns out Benedict was listening from the back all this time. After the Rain. Simon apologizes for what happened between them as Daphne confirms she’s read the letters and knows about his past. Philip wants to realize his late brother’s wishes but Marina instead shuns his offer and tells him to leave. There, they get along like a house on fire as our various half baked subplots are given a little more time in the oven. The Beginning' Season 2 is Another Dose of Adrenaline Best On Netflix. So let’s tackle those subplots. It launched with 8 episodes, and has been deemed a huge success. Well, turns out it’s Penelope (!!!) Lady Danbury shows and the two discuss how difficult Simon’s childhood was and how well she did to raise him. Grammy-Nominated Rapper DMX Hospitalized In New York, March Madness Daily: Paige Bueckers and UConn Lead Social…, Sharon Stone Thought She Stabbed Her Co-Star to Death While…, Pulitzer-Nominated Playwright Arthur Kopit Dies at 83, 10 Board Shorts to Surf in All Summer Long, Copyright © 2021 TVLine Media, LLC. From the creators of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal comes this sultry costume drama set in Regency era England, where lust and betrayal run rampant within the powerful and wealthy Bridgerton family Over at the Bridgerton abode, Eloise presses Benedict for intel on Madame Delacroix because she thinks the dressmaker is none other than Lady Whistledown. The 8-episode series is based on Julia Quinn’s novels of the same name. The installment opens with Lady Whistledown declaring the near end of social season by noting a barely memorable noble couple’s shocking decision to court, marry and move away rather quickly. She doesn’t get far though and eventually leaves. 7h-62. Penelope attempts to tell Colin she loves him but before she can, he breaks her heart and tells her he’s off to travel and study. Ben shoots down Eloise’s inquiries just in time for news that Francesca will be returning home from Bath. As we cut forward in time, Daphne gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. Even the main romance follows a painfully obvious trajectory as it embodies all the usual hallmarks of romcoms of old. Shrug. Instead, he tells Simon to deal with his own marriage for the time being. They both giggle and talk openly with one another. Simon holds his child and smiles, deciding they should stick to the Bridgerton family tradition and name him something beginning with A. While Bridgerton isn’t a bad show per-se, it’s also not a great one either. Adding to the Featherington wildness, the family’s gambling degenerate of a patriarch decides to fix a boxing match and use his house as collateral. December 24, 2020 December 24, 2020 Allison Nichols. Before Portia can celebrate, she learns that Phillip Crane is at her house to inform Marina that George, his brother and her boyfriend, died in battle. Find where to watch Bridgerton: Season 1 in New Zealand. Eloise, for example, has been portrayed as free-spirited and determined not to follow the norm. Back at the Hastings’ estate, Simon and Daphne dance for what they think is their final Waltz and fall deeply in love again. Netflix's Bridgerton: Season 1 Official Photos 50 IMAGES The eponymous Bridgertons are a clan of eight children with alphabetized names and the eyes of London society on them at all times. Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 3 Recap and Review. Believing she’s no longer with child, she’s flat-out refusing to indulge in these marriage schemes. Instead, Bridgerton embodies the adage “wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle” with a series intent on broadening itself out but not doing enough with its excellent diverse cast. A second season … Will’s big boxing match goes ahead and Simon shows up to watch. The Episode Review Outside of Daphne and Simon’s romance, this series has really struggled to support its front-end shenanigans with strong foundations. At the Hastings ball, Simon confirms that he likes kids but still doesn’t want any of his own. True, the majority of the plotlines are predictable but its predictability makes for a comforting viewing experience – bit like a cosy jumper. And the look of bliss captured on the spectating faces of Queen Charlotte and the Ladies Danbury and Bridgerton upon seeing Daphne and Simon’s renewed affections, is nothing short of perfection. She apologizes to Pen for what happened with Colin and tells her that one day he’ll see her for who she truly is Just before Marina leaves however, she receives a visitor at the house in the form of George Crane’s brother, Philip. I was halfway through the first episode when I realized that I'd actually read the book some years ago. The Queen is closing in on who Lady Whistledown is and intending to unmask the identity of her that very night. This eventually leads to them both sleeping together once more – this time with pure joy and love rather than deception. Perhaps Average? Yes, please add me to … Amid accusations of lies and betrayal, a rift forms between the newlyweds, while a deception of another kind could besmirch the Bridgerton family name. With a viewership of 82 million households, it has become the most-watched series on Netflix. Perhaps Marina’s storyline is the most disappointing of all and the lack of screen-time shared with Daphne is a real shame as there was definite potential there for an intriguing team-up. Back home, Lady Featherington learns that her husband has been killed and even worse, the money stashed away in her drawer is gone. Share on social media: ... Bridgerton Review: A Dazzling Trip to Regency London. I was hoping she’d be the beacon of strong femininity in this one but alas, she’s instead turned into another round peg which is a real shame. She eventually tells Simon she’s in love with him – flaws and all. By melsrothman February 8, 2021 February 8, 2021. Bridgerton Season 2: What We Know As the lead male character, it was … December 28 2020, 11:45 AM PST, RELATED STORIES But the moment is fleeting, and as soon as Henry comments about the look of devotion in their eyes, Daphne and Simon quickly return to their despondence. 2d-269. Marina tearfully tells Daphne she is sorry she ever doubted George’s love for her. Lord Featherington meanwhile finds himself in a lot of trouble as the two men he gambled with corner him in a bedroom upstairs. Burn! The Featherington girls get new dresses for the Hastings ball but sadly come home to learn they are fatherless and penniless. Colin and Penelope see each other again as the former apologizes for acting foolishly and not seeing the truth. There, he watches as Wll throws the fight while an over-confident Lord Featherington bets the deeds to his house and comes away with big winnings. And while the Baron quickly collects and disperses his newfound riches, the bookies realize what he’s done and eventually take his life. Eloise decides to follow up her enquiries by heading to see Madame Delacroix and trying to figure out if it’s her. At first Siena agrees but later when Anthony comes to pick up Siena looking like a slightly paler Prince in Purple Rain, she’s back with her other boo. By melsrothman January 23, 2021 January 23, 2021. Bridgerton is a Netflix mini-series, narrating a story about the family dynamics of the Bridgerton line and the marriage market in England during the Regency Era (1813).It is adapted from Julia Quinn‘s series of eight novels featuring the 8 children of Bridgerton and their quest for love while in safeguard their family’s reputation. Our lovely Lyra already covered this topic in a piece, so we won’t talk about it much again, but it’s definitely worth a read if you want to get into more discourse on the issue. She refuses to get dressed up and tells him to let her go as she’s comfortable in her own life without him. As noted in Mashable's review: If Season 2 is the Eloise and Penelope show, then we have no choice but to stay glued to the screen. But Phillip isn’t finished. As the London season draws to a close, so does Bridgerton Season 1. Eloise shows in a ballgown, nervous about potentially matching up at the end of the season, while the Featherington family arrive at the party. Stint — How Does He Stack Up Against…, MLB Moves All-Star Game Out of Atlanta Over Georgia Voting Law, Bridgerton Premiere Recap: Netflix Period Drama Sets the Stage for a Red-Hot Regal Romance, April Streaming Guide: What's New on Netflix, Disney+ and More. Name. With the Hastings Ball due to kick off at the end of the week, episode 8 of Bridgerton begins with Simon making plans to leave. In a series of few surprises, this is perhaps the one cherry on an otherwise unfulfilling cake. Outside of Daphne and Simon’s romance, this series has really struggled to support its front-end shenanigans with strong foundations. Leave a Comment on Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 3 Recap and Review. As usual SPOILERS ahead. Bridgerton premiered on Netflix on December 25, 2020. Daphne explains to Violet why she’s having a hard time forgiving Simon but is unable to discuss the issue further because Portia Featherington  interrupts their conversation to beg her way onto the invite list for the Hastings ball. In bed, the doctors confirms that Marina is still pregnant and the tea she drank made absolutely no difference to her situation. This recap of Netflix’s Bridgerton season 1, episode 8, “After the Rain” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers. Given this perfectly sums up where most of the series has sat across its 8+ hour run-time. Bridgerton is now streaming on Netflix. Home > Bridgerton > Season 1 > Episode 1 ... Diamond of the First Water Bridgerton Season 1. The duke and duchess's season-ending ball signals a turning point for their marriage - and ushers in changes of fortune and fate to those around them. Flashforward at least nine months later, and a pregnant and happy Daphne gives birth to a son. Elsewhere, Marina has now recovered from passing out and decides to pack her things and head home. The next season of the massively successful Netflix series Bridgerton is on its way, and in the meantime, the show has added two new cast members to its ranks. Bridgerton is a lavishly produced period drama with some of the best costume design work of the year. Please click subscribe and tap the bell to be notified for future episodes! Lady Featherington’s rotten luck changes when she learns that her husband has just taken home a sizable amount of money from the boxing ring. © 2021 TheReviewGeek. While there, Simon charms Gregory and Hyacinth and gives Daphne hope that Simon does like children. Simon says the boy’s name will start with an “A,” to honor the Bridgerton tradition. The duke and duchess's season-ending ball signals a turning point for their marriage — and ushers in changes of fortune and fate to those around them. Created by Chris Van Dusen. The couple does as they’re told and, for nearly a minute, Simon and Daphne realize they’re still in love. Maybe Fran will have more to do in Season 2. This is enough for Daphne to change her tune as she sits with Simon and eats breakfast. Daphne meets Simon and the two engage in their usual back and forth banter again. He also offers to marry Marina but she turns him down because she doesn’t think she’s pregnant anymore. I think its strength lies in the likeability of many of the characters. Bridgerton Series brought to TV by Netflix. At least momentarily anyway. After a pleasant breakfast together, the pair go to welcome back Francesca at the Bridgerton home. Bridgerton Premiere Recap: Netflix Period Drama Sets the Stage for a Red-Hot Regal Romance. Bridgerton Episode 6, “Swish,” is probably the most controversial of the season with the consent issues between Daphne and Simon at the end of the episode. Back at the Bridgerton Household, Eloise brings her concerns to Benedict about Madame Delacroix but he refuses to hear it. What sparked my memory was that the names of the eight Bridgerton siblings are in alphabetical order, like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers : Anthony, Benedict, Colin, … Huzzah! Instead, Bridgerton embodies the adage “wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle” with a series intent on broadening itself out but not doing enough with its excellent diverse cast. 8. Eloise learns that the Queen (decked out in another impressive wig) plans to expose Lady Whistledown and runs to warn her, whoever she is. Later that day, Daphne and her mum, Viscountess Violet, shop for flowers. Although Julia Quinn doesn’t reveal Lady Whistledown’s identity until book four, the Netflix series moves markedly faster. It turns out George had half-written letters to confirm he loved her but unfortunately died in battle. Back at the Featherington household, Sir Philip asks Marina to marry him. Back at the party, it begins raining as everyone ducks for cover except Daphne and Simon. With Daphne now armed with the truth, the Duke and Duchess prepare for one final dance as the guests arrive. Sina Daphne at Simon ay kapwa naka-lock ang mga mata habang ang kanilang larawan ay ipininta kahit na, subalit walang kabuluhan na magkaila ang kanilang halatang pagmamahal at pagmamahal sa isa't isa. We love one sensitive artist boy and can’t wait to see more of his story. Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ is a period romance drama that revolves around the prolific aristocrats – the Bridgertons – and their various romantic escapades. Email. We also hear Colin sing, cementing any and all comparisons to Kevin Jonas. With the relationship between our favorite married lovebirds, Daphne and Simon, feeling oh so stormy, only a perfectly timed act of nature could wash away the sorrow. Pen is heartbroken and eventually races outside. Simon confronts Will about throwing the fight after but he refuses to listen to Will’s concerns. The title for the eighth and final episode of Bridgerton Season 1, “After the Rain,” could not be more apt. Joining the cast in season 2 is Charithra Chandran and Rupert Young, as reported by Deadline.They join the previously announced Simone Ashley.. Chandran will play Edwina Sharma, the younger sister to Kate (played by Ashley) who … 1 in 76 countries on Netflix. Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 4 Review. Sealed Copy … Simon’s friend Will helps clinch the fix and gets his cut. Regé-Jean Page will not be returning to Bridgerton for Season 2. She refuses though, given she doesn’t love or know him. Sorry ”Bridgerton” fans, but Season 2 won’t be including the Duke of Hastings. Anthony’s will he/won’t he with Siena comes to an unsatisfying conclusion while Benedict and Henry’s exploits aren’t given anywhere near enough screen-time to properly dive into the underbelly of fun and scandalous sex alongside the lavish parties and balls. Eloise does her best to thwart that plan, stopping the guards as they’re about to ambush a horse-drawn carriage with her inside. 5 Comments on Bridgerton Episode 1 Recap and Review The latest endeavor produced by Shondaland Media, Bridgerton, explores the ups and downs of the social season in London. | 27d. You’ve got the romantic gesture in the rain, the miscommunication, dark past, the will they/won’t they flirting at the beginning and the fluffy, happy ending. Bridgerton Episode 1 Recap and Review. This subplot feels completely crowbarred in and really hasn’t been given the time needed to properly grow – even with a 75 minute run-time. Directed by Alrick Riley. It starts to rain and everyone clears the floor except the Bassets, who finally talk and understand each other. Meanwhile, Daphne finds Simon’s letters to his father and finally understands her husband’s grudge. This is juxtaposed with the Duke and Duchess of Hastings sitting acrimoniously for a portrait painted by the secretly polyamorous Henry Granville. Eloise meanwhile, learns that Delacroix may be in trouble. By Oh wow, well done Bridgerton that’s a lovely twist! And an ever-amorous Anthony and Siena hook up at the match beneath the stands and again at her home.

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