And a lot of good people are alive because of what you did. Reid looked away and, with the hint of a smile that permeated his voice, "I was aiming for his leg," he said, in an attempt to play it down, uncomfortable as he was with the praise he had just gotten. You kick like a nine-year-old girl.". The Secret Social Life of Dr. Spencer Reid Chapter 7. Reid had awoken to an urgent message from the team telling him there had been a little boy abducted. Realistic Romance Criminal Minds Spencer Reid Derek Morgan Gideon ... “One plus one is two. After putting the gun on the small table next to it, he took a seat next to his colleague, who sat slightly hunched over and just looked miserable. "Well, verbal abuse was not the worst I did to him. Might loosely follow the plot of the movie/musical at times. Gideon smiled comfortingly and put a fatherly hand on the younger man's shoulder, squeezing lightly before he turned and left just as an EMT approached. Garcia's house. Cloudflare Ray ID: 63c9a2063ca64004 Suppressing the vivid memories of that, he became aware that a SWAT team had entered the room. It had required skills. "Hello Dr. Reid, I'm Mr. Brown. Maybe it was time to tell their genius just how much he had accomplished in this case. He stepped around his desk and, taking the gun out of the other man's hand before leading him to the couch at the far wall, he pushed Reid down to sit. When Dowd spotted the empty holster, Reid reacted so fast and shot him. Hotch sighed before answering, "I talked to Dowd about Reid failing his firearm qualification in a rather disrespective way. Having a strong feeling that he already knew the answer to that. 0. A/N: Thanks for reading! He was glad that Gideon had talked to Reid and he intended to do so again, too, when they were back in Quantico. "Well, since I couldn't do it, Reid had to," Hotch confirmed. Only this time he didn't recognize the number. By thementalist2. So Reid opened his eyes to the yellowish light that the back-up generator was providing and sat up slowly, wincing as his body reminded him of Hotch's kicks. We're gonna fly back to Quantico in two hours," Hotch announced. Add to library 36 Discussion 18. In the attempt to save the hostages, he hadn't realized what burden he had put on their Reid's shoulders, not realized what the repercussions would be. "I just wanted to give back your gun," his colleague answered, holding said item out to the older agent. They clearly underestimated how badly Benjamin had beaten you. Your IP: ", This didn't really help Hotch in his attempt to get rid of at least some of the guilt he was feeling, so he said, with his head slightly bowed, "Well, I hope I didn't hurt you too badly. "But it helps," Reid stated and gave a little smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "Where's Reid?" Leading them into their room, Morgan grabbed his sports bag and put it on the bed while Reid opened the closet. "Hey kid," Derek said to get the other man's attention. The kid looked exhausted and a little pale, so Hotch made the decision to talk to him right now. One of us had to end it. Spencer Reid's mind scares him. "Guys," Reid said, getting everyone's attention. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. A Criminal Minds Fanfiction . By: klcm. Reid however, even though he hadn't made a lot of eye contact during their conversation, now looked straight at his superior, as he replied, in a calm and clearly not accusing tone, "I got your plan the minute you moved the hostages out of my line of fire. Truth be told, Morgan, Emily, and JJ now felt incredibly guilty for facilitating the events that led to such a ridiculous and insulting bet. You can't lose sight of that. The BAU Team as Family (Criminal Minds) Team as Family; Slow Burn; Summary. And there are those who'd do anything to harness its power. They met the rest of the team in the lobby of the hotel, then checked out and carried their bags to the two SUVs where they put them into the trunks and got in. Of course, it would be JJ/Reid. Those words were exactly what the senior agent needed to hear. A little amused by that reaction, Hotch continued, "You really did good today. ", He fully expected an answer like 'I'm fine', so he was surprised when he saw the smirk on Reid's face again. I was pretty sure that he would remember my ankle holster because I used both of my guns while I was teaching him for the test. This is Austin, my girlfriend. "I have someone I'd like to introduce you too. The other agent asked him. Browse through and read criminal minds spencer reid the fanfiction stories and books. ", Offering a smile, the younger man replied, "Yeah, we're good. Sometimes it scares others. Reid turned around somewhat hesitantly to face his temporary roommate. I write mainly spanking fan fiction, so if you don't like … You know, I-I-I should feel something. Smart, sarcastic, stubborn, and unwilling to share anything with her colleagues, will they be able to discover her secret before it's too late? All characters depicted in this story are property of CBS, Jeff Davis, Edward Allen Bernero, Gigi Coello-Bannon, Deborah Spera blah, blah, blah. He clapped the Reid's shoulder and continued, "As far as I'm concerned, you passed your qualification." What can I do for you?" But now was neither the time nor the place to think about it. Reid answered it, "Reid." Spencer is a living rag doll for an insane man until he's rescued by the BAU. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Whatever he was expecting to hear from the older agent, this was clearly not it. • He was actually relieved, because this way he wouldn't have to see the concerned glances of his teammates anymore. Pairing: Aaron Hotchner X Reader.A/N: Hey, if you all like this one-shot, I decided to turn the general it into a full length fic. Their bodies are found three weeks after they are reported missing and more then one girl is disappearing at once. Now when it does, there's only three facts you need to know. After saying their farewell, the hotel was the next stop. I'd say I was pretty convincing. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. But I knew that you could do it, that you could save all of us in there. Thanks for reading and like always please feel free to R&R. Reid cannot do anything but watch his team as a ghost as they struggle to accept the loss of a family member and as they struggle to find the man that murdered him. Reid was sitting up in the car on the way- the opposite of the previous drive. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Female Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) Spencer Reid is a Rossi; I'm not sorry about my reference to another of my works. "What's the third?". So he didn't see that Morgan was looking at his retreating back and speaking softly with a triumphant smile on his face, "Touché, kid.". Promt: "Stop lying, I've known you too long to believe you're okay." • Gideon waited a beat, then answered, "I'm proud of you," holding the other man's glance for a moment before looking down at the table. Seeing that this didn't help the other agent at all, he continued, "This is gonna hit you. "Okay, I'm gonna go back inside and help with the questioning," Gideon announced and left. Sign up Log in. Be the first to like this issue! Action Fanfiction Romance Rossi Avengers Criminal Minds ... Spencer Reid Bau Jj Derek Morgan Aaron Hotchner Emily Prentiss Jennifer Jareau Tara Lewis Matthew Simmons Luke Alvez Having been a spy for S.H.I.E.L.D. And he actually hit him right in the middle of his forehead, as if it was the easiest thing in the world, when his bullets barely reached the target until two days ago. But I don't. This is a brief story about my favorite character once again, Dr. Spencer Reid. "Well, I wouldn't have kept kicking, but I was afraid you didn't get my plan, so. Gideon pointed in the direction of the ambulance, then asked, "But tell me what happened in there? Hotch must have let them in, he realized. After a few moments, Reid realized that he couldn't beat around the bush anymore. Then he looked at Hotch again, his smile growing wider. I'm going to start by putting up some fics that I've posted in various groups ages ago, then start working on some new stuff. I didn't doubt him for a second. Charlie McDowell is the newest member of the BAU. "Come in. A big thanks to my dear friend Nic for encouraging me to write this and being my beta. Two plus two is four. ", Though he knew that Reid had yet to forgive himself, Hotch was sure everything would be okay in time. The kid’s pale face had flushed with color- a warmth the sky outside failed to hold itself. But one look at Reid's face told him he wouldn't get an answer to any of them right now, so he decided to talk to Hotch later instead. Browse through and read criminal minds fanfiction stories and books. He then rolled away from me. The problem was I couldn't take the gun out without Dowd seeing it.". I know that and you know that. When no one answered, she looked at her silent companions and asked, "Okay, what am I missing here, guys? Dr. Reid blew their minds on a daily basis, was an important fixture in the team and in their lives, and yet they had been callous enough … Unknown- A Criminal Minds Fanfic Fanfiction. I mean, I-I killed a man. The failed proficiency test and all of his self-doubts forgotten, he carried out the instructions Hotch had taught him only two days before and just repeated – front sight, trigger press, follow through – and hit Dowd right in the middle of his forehead. That was until he saw Reid shift positions, then wince, which he tried to cover up but failed. I got up later and read through a couple books, Oliver Twist and Alice in Wonderland, a very old copy which i didn't even know we had in this house. Down Pour Chapter 1: 8:00 am, a criminal minds fanfic. He didn't care that everyone else was tired or would tease him about the massive smile plastered on his face. No one would want her after what she had done to him but that's her biggest mistake because Morgan see's it as their fate sealed perfectly. "Probably already at the SUV waiting for us," Morgan answered. "Yes, it does," Gideon agreed, looking down at the table. A fic in which the characters take the places of those from "Power Rangers: Time Force". Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - S. Reid - Words: 2,261 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 2 - Published: 10/8/2011 - Status: Complete - id: 7448342 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Focusing on the here and now, he heard his superior yell, "Federal agent! "So how did you play it?" He knew that it only served for Dowd to trust you and at the same time make him seem less of a threat, thereby giving him an advantage. I… I can still hear his moans of pain.". I loved it. Unknown- A Criminal Minds Fanfic Fanfiction. They take him in because he has no where to go and the case isn't done until all of the ends are tied. Morgan, Hotch, Elle and JJ settled in the seats in the back of the private jet, while Reid chose one of the seats in the middle and turned to look out of the window into the dark night. Since both Morgan and Elle seemed to have left the ER already, he assumed that they were starting to question all the unfortunate people who'd been held hostage along with them. Rounding the open door of the ambulance, he saw Morgan head his way and decided to get rid of the item by tossing it towards the black agent with a little smile on his lips, then he made his way through the police cars parked in front of the hospital in search of the SUV that had brought the team there. As soon as Reid heard Dowd's question, he rolled on his back – Hotch's back-up gun in his hands at the ready – and aimed at their captor's head. "You're okay?" Elle asked, looking around for the missing colleague. But I knew he could do it. I still had my back-up gun cause Dowd never searched me for more weapons. Not today. They take him in because he has no where to go and the case isn't done until all of the ends are tied. Reid glanced at the senior agent and nodded once in acknowledgement of their arrival, then pushed himself away from the car.